bike fit

Matt was recommended to me by a number of cyclists who sung his praises and said that once they’d had their bike fitted specifically to them it made a huge difference. I totally agree!! I’ve taken two bikes so far and it’s made a such a difference. Not only am I more comfortable whilst riding I now don’t have all the niggles I previously experienced after I had finished a ride. Recently completing a 400k audax ride was a pleasurable experience and it would not have been so had I not been in the right position on my bike. He provides a great service and I highly recommend him.


Had a great bike fit from Matt recently just before heading off to the Prudential Ride 100. Very impressed with the thoroughness of the approach, knowledge and attention to detail as he set my bike up to match my general lack of flexibility and riding goals. I used to come off 30-40 mile rides with the odd twinge here and there but I'm now twinge free no matter what the distance as the Ride London mileage proves. Highly recommended and well worth the visit even if you have to travel a few miles to get there. Your body will thank you 🙂

Ian Kershaw

Can not recommend the services at BikeFitSolutions highly enough. Matt was incredibly thorough working on everything both on, and crucially, off the bike. He helped me identify some key areas for me to work on strengthening to help my riding. The facility is excellent and the array of equipment is 1st rate. I will be recommending Matt's services to everyone and fully expect to be back multiple times for tune-ups and check-ups in the future. A highly professional but unintimidating and comfortable service and experience - ideal in my mind for any athlete of any level.

Alex Sandilands

I have had a number of bike fits by Matt which have all made a huge difference to my cycling experience. Having a bike that is fitted to you correctly is the best upgrade I think you can make. Being comfortable and in a position where you can make a biomechanic advantage will not only aid performance but put you at a lower risk of injury. Matt has a huge bank of knowledge and shows so much passion and professionalism regarding cycling and bike fitting. He always goes the extra mile making sure everything is fitting perfect. Can’t recommend his services enough.

Mr Davies